Building a Successful Company


Program of Strategic and Organization Development

We offer top quality services in management consulting and management development. Our company specializes in management consulting and training in strategic and organization development, in developing managerial skills and in developing commercial skills. We are helping our clients to build companies successful in long-term. For this purpose we created a program of strategic and organization development Building a Successful Company.This program consists of a system of eight interconnected products:
  1. Training Program Building a Successful Company
  2. Formulation and Implementation of Core Values, Mission and Vision
  3. Strategic Audit
  4. Master Strategy: Making Key Strategic Decisions
  5. Strategic Scenario Planning: How to Get Ready for the Future
  6. Search for a Common Future and Other Interventions
  7. Creating Superior Experience for Your Customers
  8. Action Learning Plus

All the above-mentioned products and services are offered in English and Slovak.

Program of strategic and organization development Building a Successful Company is a concrete application of our approach of building culture-specific strategic and organization development theories which are based on a specific national and organizational culture (Perlaki, 1994, 2001) */. This context-based approach to strategic and organization development puts emphasis and builds on using local values, knowledge, theoretical concepts and traditions to develop new culture-specific theories, strategies, procedures and techniques which are appropriate for this concrete economic, social, political and cultural context.

Besides the basic products of our Program of strategic and organization development Building a Successful Company we can help you in building companies successful in the long term also by other consulting and training programs. See Developing Managerial Skills, Developing Commercial Skills and Additional Consulting Programs.


*/ See:
Perlaki, I.: Organizational Development in Eastern Europe: Learning to Build Culture-Specific OD Theories. Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 30, 1994, p. 297-312.

Perlaki, I.: Building Successful Companies in Transition Economies. In: Denison, D. R. (ed.): Managing Organizational Change in Transition Economies, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Publishers, Mahwah, New Jersey, 2001, p. 483-509.
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